What gives actors the ability to reach an audience, to make an audience come to them? Is presence something you are born with? Do you find yourself wishing you, or your employees, had that same ability to connect with an audience?

Actors spend years learning how to communicate effectively in public. Much of this is technical: practical skills which free the body and voice in order to best reach other people. I've spent years teaching professionals how to apply some of these same techniques to their public speaking, presenting, and professional communication. My goal is not to change the way you speak, but to help you discover the fullest version of your own communicative self, for maximum effectiveness

Get in touch with me, and we can set up a meeting based on your needs. I can work with your ELT, designing workshops specific to their needs, or coach an employee who needs help on a presentation. You know what your story is: I can help you tell it.

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